Park Terrace Dental on the World Stage

Park Terrace Dental on the World Stage

Local dentist Dr Damian Chung was recently invited to present his developments in implant dentistry to a national conference in Canberra. A large number of local and international experts in the field were present for the meeting which is held only every second year.

Over recent years Dr Chung, who owns and operates out of his clinic Park Terrace Dental, has developed a method for reducing the healing time and visits needed for implant tooth treatment. It is the first time this concept has been presented to the dental profession and was received with great enthusiasm by many participants, including a Swedish delegate who operates the dental clinic that placed the first ever dental implants in 1965.

Dr Chung’s treatment concept is aimed at avoiding the need for artificial bone grafting and gum tissue reshaping whilst having a missing tooth replaced with an implant. Typically bone grafting delays healing by several months, adds significantly to the cost and leads to several extra visits to shape the gum tissues ready for the final tooth. By avoiding these stages implant placement becomes a lot more comfortable and predictable. It is only possible using his practice’s latest Cerec 3D technology for scanning the patient’s teeth and bone structure.

The next phase in implementing the concept is to meet in Sydney with German Software Engineers in a week’s time to discuss incorporating it into the 3D software.
For Dr Chung it is rewarding to receive the recognition from his peers and as a country South Australian dentist, to be able to bring a world’s first to his profession on the international stage. With modern day communication, technology and the right idea it is possible to be a part of progress and still enjoy living and working within the Eyre Peninsula.

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