Oral Hygiene / cleans

Oral Hygiene / cleans


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Park Terrace dental strongly believes in a preventative approach to dental care and provides information to each individual to suit their oral hygiene needs. This may depend on your age, whether or not you have had problems with your teeth and gums, or if you have braces, bridges, implants or false teeth.

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Oral Hygienne

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We have a comprehensive range of oral hygiene information and regularly provide the community with oral health care tips through our monthly advertorial in the Port Lincoln Times (see News). This publication reaches out to our patients and the greater Eyre Peninsula community.

Plaque Removal

Cleans can vary from a simple polish of your tooth surface using a prophy paste to remove plaque and stains, to a more extensive scale and clean to remove a build up of tartar, also known as calculus.

Once plaque hardens it becomes tartar, which cannot be removed by normal brushing. We can schedule an appointment for you during which we use special cleaning instruments to remove tartar from tooth surfaces.

To make this process more comfortable we use an ultrasonic cleaner which easily removes the tartar using a combination of small vibrations and water. Left untreated a build up of tartar can lead to serious gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss.