Whilst dentures are slowly disappearing from our society, they will still play an important part of some people lives for some time to come. Park Terrace Dental is mindful that for some people dentures are their only option and we’re mindful that they are constructed with quality materials and care.

Dentures can be made to replace teeth when they are all missing or when only some of the teeth are. Partial plates are designed to fit around your existing teeth to fill the gaps, where teeth have needed to be removed. Partial plates can be made from a metal framework with acrylic attached to replicate the teeth and gums. Altenatively they can be constructed all from acrylic. Care is taken to match the shape, size and shade of existing teeth to give you a natuarl looking smile.

Where they are worn, it is important to maintain them regularly to make sure they’re not damaging the jawbones or remaining teeth.

Regular exam appointments are still necessary to check the soft tissues in your mouth and the fit of your dentures.
More advanced techniques such as bridges and implants often eliminate the need to wear dentures at all.

It’s important to have the fit of your dentures checked regularly”