Dental Implants provide an opportunity for you to take back your smile”

Dental implants are artificial roots made from biocompatible materials that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Titanium is currently the most suitable implant material. With proper care and good oral hygiene your implant can actually last a lifetime….

Once the required fusion of the bone has been achieved the ceramic crown can be fixed to the implant to feel and function like natural teeth. Multiple implants can be used to successfully replace missing teeth.

After a thorough examination of your medical and dental history we can advise you on whether dental implants are the right solution for you.

The main deciding factor is that the jaw is mature and that there is sufficient good, healthy bone to permit placement. In some cases it is possible for the bone to be built up; bone grafting can be an option if the amount of bone is inadequate. It is essential that the gum and bone area are free from inflammation (periodontitis) and that any decay in the remaining natural teeth is treated.

The colour, shape and contour of the replacement ceramic teeth placed on the implants are customised and adapted to match that of your natural teeth.

Maintaining natural bone is a significant factor with implant placement. Following extractions dental implants prevent further shrinkage of the jawbone and stimulate bone growth.

At Park Terrace Dental implants are placed under local anaesthesia with careful preparation and execution, the treatment concludes with after care instructions given and a follow up appointment scheduled to review the implant prior to the final stage. Once this integration phase has been successfully concluded, the final placement tooth can be attached.

Our goal is to ensure you leave our treatment room satisfied and comfortable with beautiful, functional teeth and a renewed quality of life”

The brand of our Dental Implants at Park Terrace Dental is Nobel Biocare.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.