Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, wanting a beautiful smile doesn’t need to be justified or explained. How it makes you feel is reason enough”

With the use of today’s modern technology and techniques we are able to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and desirable appearance to a patient’s smile. The reasons behind choosing cosmetic dentistry are varied.

Whether your teeth are damaged by trauma or discoloured and weakened by multiple restorations, or the natural shape and alignment of your teeth is poor, smile imperfections can make you self conscious and less likely to smile your greatest smile.

We have been privileged to witness firsthand the pleasure and boost in self confidence when cosmetic dentistry has been completed. A bright healthy smile can create one of the most lasting impressions on people.

Following an exam appointment an itemised treatment plan can be provided to you outlining the dental treatment recommended to complete your ‘smile makeover’.

This may include a combination of Crowns, Veneers and Resin restorations. Where teeth are missing Implants or Ceramic bridges are used. A full day of our clinic time will be set aside just for you or where possible we can split the appointments to suit your schedule.

Our current brand of veneers we use e-max veneers